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    Peter Packer

    Front-end Developer

    “ As a new immigrant, I found it was super challenging to find a professional job without any local experience and solid connections. I turned to EyesHigh for help thanks to the introduction from my friends. EyesHigh provided tremendous amount of support to me. Now I am enjoying my new job.”


    John Doe

    Senior Business Intelligence Analyst

    “ I have over 15 years of experience in traditional oil and gas industry. However, I got laid off due to the market shriking. It was not an easy job to wedge into a different a job for a decent pay. I knew this but had no clue how to tackke this. With help from EyesHigh, I successfully turned my direction into Data Analysis industry.”


    Susan Jackson

    Software Development Engineer

    “ After graduation from one of the top universities in US, I spent over half years to find a job. Without luck, I got 3 interviews with over 200 applications. Until I met the crew of EyesHigh, I almost lost confidence. With their help, I opened the door to the top tier tech company.”

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